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You can import CSV files to create and update employees in bulk. 

Note: You can ask our onboarding specialists to help you import your employees while you're configuring your account. 

In the next section of this article, you'll learn how to prepare and import a CSV file with employees and teams on your own.

What You'll Need

CSV File Format

The file with employees should include the following columns:

  • Name - employee name. 
  • Email - the contact email of the employee, which you can later use to invite them to the web portal and mobile app. 
  • Company - the name of the employee's team.
  • Location - the employee office location. Learn more about adding locations in OfficeRnD Hybrid. Note that if you have only one location added in OfficeRnD Hybrid, you won't need to populate any information in this column as the system will apply it by default during the import operation. 
Note: If you want to import teams without employees, you can leave the Name column empty and only add information in the Company column. When both the Name and Company columns contain information, the import will create a profile for the employee and associate it with a team profile automatically.

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