Add a Custom Resource Type

OfficeRnD Hybrid allows you to create custom resource types to describe the bookable resources available across your offices and locations. 

What You'll Need

Add a Resource Type

  • Navigate to Settings/Resource types.
  • Click Add Resource Type
  • Describe the resource type as follows:
Property Name Description

The name of the resource type (e.g. "Workshop", "Parking Lot").


An icon to represent the resource type on the portal.

Type A unique key that links the resource type to a zone type (e.g. "workshop", "parking_lot").
Floorplan resource The type of floorplan resource - desk or a zone.
Color A color that color codes the resource type on the floorplan.
Bookable Select, if the resource type should be available for booking on a calendar. You can choose whether a resource is bookable by the hour, or by the day.
Assignable Select, if you want to assign teams or employees to the resources of this type.
Booking Mode (if Bookable has been selected) Time (bookable by the hour) or Date (booked for a whole day)
Neighborhood Assignment Check if you'd like to assign this resource to Neighborhoods.


  • Click Add.
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