Create Custom Admin Roles

Admin permissions in OfficeRnD Hybrid are based on one default role - Admin. We also allow creating custom roles if you want to have assistants with limited access to certain parts of the Admin Portal.

Create a Custom Role

There are three levels of access to the main system modules (Workplace, People, Communication, Meeting Rooms, Analytics, and Settings) and you can define them for each one.

  • No Access - the module will be hidden.
  • Viewer - only view permissions, no actions possible.
  • Admin - full permissions for the particular module.
Admin and Viewer levels of access come with additional tweaks for allowing or disallowing certain actions, such as Create, Edit, or Delete.

To start, you can navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Roles and Permissions.

  1. Click Add role.
  2. Set a Name and Description (optional).
  3. Go through each module, define the desired level of access, and select what actions should be allowed.
  4. When ready, hit Save.


Now you can add Admins with your newly created custom roles.

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