Archive and Delete Resources

If you have a bookable or assignable resource (a meeting room, a desk, or any other kind of resources you've created) that you will no longer use, you can Delete it or Archive it.

Delete will permanently remove the resource. Deletion cannot be reverted.

Archive will remove the resource from the floorplan but keep all historical assignments and past/future bookings for reporting purposes. This option will only be available if the resource has assignments or bookings. Archiving cannot be reverted.

How It Works

Delete or Archive from an Office Map

  1. Open the Floor where the resource resides. 
  2. Click on the resource and select Remove desk/space.
  3. Choose between Delete and Archive.


Delete or Archive from Office Space/Resources

  1. Navigate to Office Space/Resources.
  2. Find the resource in the corresponding tab.
  3. Click on the cogwheel.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Choose between Delete and Archive.


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