Customize the Member Portal Theme


Although the Flex member portal is arguably the most beautiful portal around, we worked hard to make it as customizable as possible. You can change the way it looks and navigates to get the results you are looking for.

Change Theme

If you stick to the Classic OfficeRnD Theme, you can change the default color scheme by navigating to Settings/Member Apps/Branding and selecting the new background, primary, and navigation colors. Additionally, you can insert custom CSS code. Click here to learn more about custom code.

mmbr theme.png
If you opt for the Modern OfficeRnD theme, you get identical options along with a live preview of the theme. Click 'Save Changes' or 'Discard Changes'.

custom modern.png

Favicon & Hero Image

Both themes allow you to upload a custom favicon and hero image to help with branding.


Enable Features

The OfficeRnD member portal offers many members-related features, such as the Calendar booking system, the Signup page, a Benefits page, the Events module, and much more. You can enable or disable these features by going to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.

Advanced Styling

Customizing the member portal is only available with the Premium Apps Package

The Settings/Member Apps/Custom Code section lets you change the styling of your member portal using custom scripts. For example:

  • Change the default fonts, sizes, etc
  • Change some layout options, margins, padding, offsets, etc
  • Change more advanced stylesheet options, backgrounds, fore-colors, etc

You can also insert custom JavaScript code. A few examples are:

  • Add tracking code for Google or other analytics
  • Add chat widget (such as Intercom, or GoSquared, Zopim chat, etc)

Please, get in touch with if you need to further customize the portal.

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