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OfficeRnD Members portal is an advanced web application that allows you to customize the default pages (modules), menus, and widgets and at the same time allows you to add custom pages and menu items. Click here to learn more.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.

Here, various pages of the Member Portal can be enabled or disabled. Check or uncheck the pages that should or should not be available to your members. Click here to learn more about the pages.

member pages.png

Member Portal - Main Menu

The Main Menu section controls which pages are visible for all members along with the order in which they appear. These pages will show:

  • Enabled if they have been checked on in the section above
  • Disabled if unchecked from above

You can edit the name for the respective page to change the display name and change the order in which they appear in the member portal. Click on the cogwheel and choose Edit.

mm edit.png

9. Edit the Menu Item

The menu item edit window shows:

  • Order - the order in which this item appears in the menu
  • Title - the name/label for the specific page
  • Icon - the respective icon

Click Update to save any changes.

edit menu item.png

10. Member Portal - Personal Menu

The Personal Menu section controls which pages are visible for the individual member along with the order in which they appear. The exact same steps from above apply here.

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