How to Create a Custom Booking Page for Parking

Often times you might have a Parking Lot to manage and you need a way to organize your employees' reservations there. You can build this in OfficeRnD the same way you create your Office Maps.

What You'll Need

In order to set up your parking lot(s), you'll need:

Create a Custom Resource

  1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Resource Types.
  2. Click Add Resource Type.
      1. Enter the Name.
      2. (optional) Choose an icon from the menu.
      3. Enter the Type (i.e. Parking).
      4. Select Space from the Office Map resource menu.
      5. Make it Bookable.
      6. Set the booking mode: Time for hourly bookings or Date for daily bookings.
      7. Click Add.

    Create a Floor for the Parking Lot

        1. Navigate to Space/Locations.
        2. Find the Location you want to add a parking lot to and click Add Floor.
          1. Enter a Name.
          2. Upload the image of your Parking Lot.
          3. Click Add.
        3. Now it's time to create your Parking resources. More info on that here.
          1. Click on the Add Space dropdown menu and select the car park resource.
          2. Add one to each parking spot.

    Add Parking Spots to your Current Office Map

    If you'd like to simply add the parking reservations to your existing Office Map page (the floor will be there but no parking spots will be visible still), you can:

        1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps/Apps Pages.
        2. Scroll down to Custom Pages.
        3. Open the Office Map page.
        4. And select Car park in the Resource Types dropdown menu.


    Create a Dedicated Page for Parking

    In case you want to create a separate page for that:

        1. Navigate to Settings/Employee Apps/Apps Pages.
        2. Scroll down to Custom Pages.
        3. Click Add Page.
          1. Choose the order in which the page will appear.
          2. Enter a name in Title.
          3. Select an Icon.
          4. Select a Type (Office Map or Calendar).
          5. Choose Cark Park as the Resource Type.
          6. Click Add.



The dedicated Parking Reservation page can also be set up as a Card View. All free spots will have a card instead of appearing on a map.




Follow Up

You can follow this guide for anything else that requires some kind of reservation, even for booking a spot in the company bus or bring more fun and create a page where people can book a spot in the football game after work.




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