Schedule Guided Tours For Your Locations

Nothing beats a guided tour of your workspace to seal the deal with a prospect. OfficeRnD makes it a breeze to set up and schedule tours of your locations. This article will show you how.


OfficeRnD is under intense development and gets updated constantly. Therefore, you may spot some differences in the UI between the videos and the platform. Generally, the instructions remain the same. Please refer to our help articles for the most up-to-date information.

Tour Booking Options

Your prospect can book a tour from:

  • An embedded form within a page on your website
  • A button/call-to-action on your website leading to the form.
  • Your public Members Portal where they can click on Book a Tour and fill out a simple form like this:


Note: You should have an organization logo, location photo, and location address in OfficeRnD to include them in the form.

Note: You can remove the powered by OfficeRnD logo by purchasing a Premium mobile app. Click here to learn more.

Activate Tour Bookings

Note: Tour Bookings can be scheduled only by admins with one of the default roles (Reception, Center Manager, Owner).

Open Flex Admin and navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Tour Bookings. There, click on Create a Tour Booking Form to begin.


1. Choose a location from the list (1).

Note: Only the locations that you have access to will be listed.

2. The list will expand with the options to choose a tour guide (2) for this location and the duration (3) of the tour. The availability of tour guides is determined according to the location's business hours and time zone. You can also preview the form and get a link to it with the location pre-selected (4).

Note: Only the Admins in your organization can be tour guides.

3. When you are finished, hit Save (6). Before saving, make sure the Active checkbox (5) is selected so the location form is enabled. Otherwise, the settings will be preserved but the location won't appear in the form.

Note: The check icon in the location list means that the form for this location is active:


General Settings


The General Settings section appears at the bottom after you hit Save (look at Step 3 above).

  • Show link on Public Login page (1) - a link called Book a Tour will appear in the public Members Portal (if you have it enabled). Here's an example:

  • Email Notifications (2) - Manage the contents of the tour booking emails in the Email Template Settings.
  • URL for All Locations (3) - Use this URL to link to the tour sign-up form from your website without pre-selecting a location. If you have multiple locations, you can link to a form with one of them pre-selected (see Step 3 above).

Schedule Tours

Note: Tour Bookings can be scheduled only by admins with one of the default roles (Reception, Center Manager, Owner).

Once Tours are active for a particular location, you can begin scheduling tours. After a tour is scheduled, the tour owner and lead receive an email containing a calendar invite link.

To schedule tours, navigate to Community/Tours and click on Schedule Tour. The following dialog will appear:


  1. Select the Location, Tour Guide, Date & Time of Tour.
  2. Enter the Visitor Details (First Name, Last Name, Email).
  3. Hit Schedule.

An e-mail invite will be sent to your visitor. The scheduled tour will be recorded in OfficeRnD and you will be able to make changes to it from the grid shown below:


Note: The grid appears in Community/Tours when there is at least one scheduled tour.

Note: Booking changes can be made only from the Admin side. Follow-up emails will be sent to your prospects automatically after the changes are made.

Custom Availability For Tours

Operators can set up specific hours during which a tour can be booked. The Availability form (found in Settings/Tours) lets you choose among:

  • The entire duration of business days and hours as per the default location’s setup.

  • Custom hours - include/exclude specific days and times, or book outside business hours.

  • Disconnected time slots, e.g. Mondays 9am-11am and 2pm-3pm.

Note: The minimum slot in a specific day is equal to the tour duration, e.g. a 30-minute tour will require at least one 30-minute slot for tours to be booked.


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  • Hi!

    Great feature. Please add the option for Tour guides to add specific personal/location availability by day of week and time per day.
    Scenario: Right now anyone could book a tour with us at any time of the day with no heads up. We want to funnel all of our tours to happen at a specific time of the week or month without having to change the whole locations business hours (Which seems very odd)

  • Great feature. But if I were to use it, I would need it to integrate with my calendar. Otherwise, I would be double booked. I also would like to add questions regarding what customers are looking for ie. private office, size, and maybe start date in order to be more prepared when they arrive.

  • This is a great idea! 

    When the ability to modify availability is added I would use this over our current MixMax Calendar. For now we aren't staffed during all open hours so we would need to narrow down the timeslots by about half. 

  • Plus one for the idea of being able to modify availability. Even as a phase 1 change, just simply allowing availability by day of the week to be during a specific window. 

  • Will this feature integrate with opportunities at any point? It would make sense that someone signing up for a tour would automatically set up a sales lead opportunity. 

    I totally agree with Ivan - to utilize this, it must have an option to sync with a calendar, or at least be an available action within zapier to export the information elsewhere.

  • Can this feature be updated with adding multiple visitors for each tour slot? We host guided tours which have a maximum of 10 different companies joining at the same time as we don't always have time to host private tours


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