The Announcements section allows you to publish important announcements to your employees. They will be visible on the Web Portal's Dashboard. Any Events that you create will also be visible here.

Create Announcements

To create an announcement, navigate to Communication/Announcements and click Add Announcement.


The following dialog will appear with the options listed below:


  • Pin to top - this will ensure the announcement is always on top on the Dashboard page.
  • Title - Add a title.
  • Content - Enter the text you'd like to show.
  • Link - add URL that can be opened from the Announcement.
  • Type - leave to Info.
    • Info
    • Important (coming soon)
    • Event - an announcement will be tagged as "Event" when an actual Event is created.
  • Locations - Select the locations this announcement is applicable to, or leave the field blank to ensure the guide is available to all.
  • Image - add an image for your announcement.

When you're finished, click Add. Your announcement will be visible in the Web Portal.

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