Members Portal - Add Team Members And Change Their Status


Company members with Contact Person and/or Billing Person permissions can add Team Members and change their status to Active, Contact, or Former directly from the Members Portal.

This functionality offers many benefits. For example:

  • Operators can delegate team members' management to the company's Contact and/or Billing persons.
  • CRM integrations (Capsule, Hubspot) and marketing teams have a list of contacts that's always up-to-date.
  • Door Access and Printing integrations can automatically provide access to Active members only.
Admins can change member statuses from the Admin Portal. Learn more about that here.


Before You Proceed

Please brush up on the following topics if needed:

Enable The Setting

Administrators must navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Community and place a checkmark next to Allow Contact Persons to manage their company's member directory.

allow contax.png

How It Works

1. Be a Contact and/or Billing Person for your company.
2. Log into the Members Portal and navigate to Account/Team Members.
3. Your Team Members will be listed here with their names, emails, and status.

team membrs.png

Features & Functionality

The following functionality is available:

  • Add Member - Click on the Add Member button and enter their Name, Email, and chosen Status (Active or Contact). When you're done, click Add.

  • Edit Member - Click on the Pencil icon Pencil_icon.png next to the member's status. You can change a member's Name and Status (Active, Contact, or Former). If you choose Active, they will automatically receive an invite. If you choose Contact, an admin must invite the member to the space. When you're done, click Update.

    edit mem.png

The following functionality is not available:

  • You cannot change your own status.
  • You cannot change the status of members outside your company.
  • When a member has an Active Membership assigned to them, you cannot change their status.

Non-Active Member Statuses

When you change the status of an Active member to Contact or Former, OfficeRnD automatically disables their access to the Members Portal and sends an email notification to Admins.

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