Day 1: Community Module

Day 1 of the Community Manager Fundamentals Training will cover the basics of the Community module, which are essential part of the process of managing your coworking space. 

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: Remote/Online


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Day 1: Community Module 

Managing customer data:

  • Add a company.
  • Add a company member.
  • Add an individual member.
  • Member/Company statuses and labels.
  • Add custom properties to a company/member.

Managing purchased services:

  • Assign a membership to a member.
  • Assigning a membership to a resource.
  • Cancel a membership.
  • Discount a membership.
  • Add & send contracts (optional).
  • Manually add day passes.

Granting & updating portal access:

  • Invite a member to the members portal.
  • Invite multiple members to the members portal.
  • Difference between user and member.
  • Change the email of a member.
  • Mark members as former and what that means for their access to the portal.
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