How to Disallow Booking for Members Without Coins or Credits


Each Booking Policy has the option to prevent members from booking resources if they do not have available coins and/or credits.

The option is called Disallow Booking for members without coins or credits and is available when adding or editing a Booking Policy. When enabled, members will be allowed to book only with available coins and/or credits. Additionally, recurring and future bookings will be limited to 1 month. This is necessary because credits can only be assigned for 1 month upfront.

Prior Knowledge

Consider brushing up on these topics if needed:

How It Works

  1. Navigate to Settings/Platform and head to the Bookings & Calendar tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Booking Policies section and click on the Booking Policy you want to edit (or create a new one).
  3. Enable the option Disallow Booking for members without coins or credits.


When the option is active, the Limit Recurring Bookings Span and Limit Future Bookings options are automatically enabled and set to 1 month. Users cannot change this, hence both options are greyed out.

Note: Free bookings are still allowed when the option is enabled.


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