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Newer workplace demands are emerging for the hybrid workforce and employees want to work in different, more flexible ways. To meet their needs, we are integrating our OfficeRnD Hybrid work platform directly into OfficeRnD Flex. The Hybrid Workplaces Integration offers operators and member companies a set of modern, easy-to-use booking tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving member collaboration.


The process of enabling and testing the integration usually goes like this:

1. As a Flex admin, you enable the integration.

2. A new organization is generated by cloning the setup of your existing Admin company (marked as Admin in Community/Companies).


3. The generated Admin organization/company is free forever. It can be used for testing and presenting to Flex member companies. Other Hybrid Workplace companies are charged 1 GBP per member with Active status.

4. Choose the right privacy setting for each company. You may want to keep a company hidden from members until it's ready to go or keep it visible.

5. Add your locations, floors, and office maps for your companies in the Hybrid environment.

6. Make the hidden companies visible to members after everything is ready to go.

Note: The contact person for each company you add (including the Admin company) will be automatically added as an Admin.

Getting Started

The Hybrid Workplaces Integration is active by default for all customers. However, it needs to be enabled manually. To begin, click on the Hybrid Workplaces shortcut at the bottom of the navigation menu:


You will be taken to the Hybrid Workplaces Integration page. Click on either of the Enable Hybrid Workplaces buttons on the top or bottom of the page:



After the Hybrid Workplaces Integration is enabled, the following will happen:

  1. Flex will automatically create a Hybrid organization for the Admin company by cloning the existing setup.
  2. Flex will automatically provision all members of the Admin Flex Company as admins and employees in Hybrid.
  3. Users will be automatically authenticated, hence they don’t need to add credentials to log in to the Hybrid organization.
    Note: The User Provisioning integration article explains how user data is synced from Flex to Hybrid.
  4. You will be taken to the page seen below, where you can begin to add and roll out companies. You can also click on the Hybrid Workplaces button to access it anytime.


When the automated steps are completed, you can begin setting up companies in the Hybrid Workplaces Admin portal.

Next Steps

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