Contact Person & Operator Account Access Explained

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When you initially enable the Hybrid Workplaces integration as a Flex admin, the Contact Person for the Admin company is automatically added as an Admin in the new Hybrid Workplaces organization. When a Flex admin adds another company, the following happens:

  1. All Flex company members become users in the Hybrid Workplace company.
  2. All Flex company members who are Contact Persons receive access to the Hybrid Workplace admin portal.
  3. Flex Admins can choose which members from the Flex operator team will have permission to manage (set up, edit and delete) Hybrid Workplace companies. These members can be added from the Operator Account Access field:

Log in With Admin Access

Currently, we don’t send any emails with confirmation or activation links to admins. Upon adding an organization, those receiving Admin access should:

1. Log in with their credentials in the Flex Members portal.
2. They should see the new My Office page and the tab Manage.
3. The tab will take them to the Hybrid Workplaces Admin platform.


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