Employees - How To Create a Booking From The Web Portal & Mobile App

Create A Booking

The Web Portal lets employees book resources (desks, meeting rooms, etc.) from the Office map, the Meeting rooms page, and any resource page (e.g. Hotdesk). You can also book from the Hybrid Work App and the Hybrid Workplaces Chrome extension. This article explains the various approaches:

Book a Desk From The Office map

From the Office Map, click on an unoccupied resource (marked green) and set your booking hours (or make an all-day booking):

book floor plan.png

MS Teams Link

If the Outlook Calendar Integration is enabled and meeting rooms are mapped between Hybrid and Outlook, you can automatically add an MS Teams link to a Meeting Room booking. Use the MS Teams Meeting toggle:

ms teams popup.png

More Options

The More Options button lets you create recurring bookings, invite guests and visitors, and make a private booking (hide it from the schedule). You can also cancel the booking (cancellation policies may apply) and use this feature to switch desks.


Office Map Filters

The office map filters let you choose which desks, meeting rooms, and other bookable resources you want to see according to your needs. Click on the Filter button and select the type of resource you are looking for (Desk, Meeting Room, etc).

filters new.png

You can see that Desks and Meeting Rooms have additional filter criteria that's specific to each:


Select the criteria you want and click on Apply Filters. The office map will change to reflect your preferences. If no resources match your criteria, you will see an error message.

Meeting Rooms

You can also book Meeting Rooms from the dedicated Meeting Rooms page in the Web Portal. There, you can see the booking schedule for each. Simply click on an available time slot to book it:

mt rooms.png

Multi-Day Bookings In Card View

The Meeting room page, and other resource pages (in this example, Hotdesk) can be switched between several views - Day, Week, Card, and Office map. Selecting Card View gives you the option to create multi-day bookings. This is a speedy approach to booking a resource for multiple days.

1. Open the Meeting rooms, Hotdesk, or other resource page.

2. Click on the Eye buttoneye icon.pngand choose Card View.

3. Enable the Multi-day booking option.

4. Select up to 7 days to book for and click Done.


5. Click on the Book button under the resource you want to book. Note that only Cards for resources that are available for all of the selected dates will be shown.

Book hd.png

6. Finish creating your booking in the Add Booking dialog.

End Bookings Early

If your booking ended earlier than expected, you have the option to free the resource for other bookings (desk, meeting room, etc.) before your booked time has ended. Your colleagues will be grateful!

The feature is available for bookings that:

  • Are booked by time, not date. All-Day bookings for time-based resources can still be ended, however.

    Note: If time-based bookings cannot be ended in less than 30 minutes after start, ask the facility operators about the booking policy.
  • Have already started and checked-in (if the booking policy for the booked resource requires check-ins).

To end bookings early, open your booking and use the End Booking button. You can find it everywhere bookings are created (including MS Teams and the Google Calendar Extension).

Office map


Edit Booking dialog


Hybrid Work App


Hybrid Work App

Most of the booking functionality is available in the Hybrid Work app as well:


You can also use the Google Lens app on your smartphone to book a desk with a QR code on it. Simply scan the QR code on the desk and confirm your booking.


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