Flex Q&A - Transition to Data Hub

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We would like to provide the following questions and answers as part of our transition to Data Hub:

Will I still have access to all the standard Analytics reports like Revenue, Finance, Occupancy, etc?

All Standard Dashboards have been recreated and available from Day 1.

Will I be able to download or export my data?

Yes. You will be able to download data into the following formats: Excel Spreadsheet (Excel 2007 or later), .CSV spreadsheet, and .PNG image.

Will I still have access to custom dashboards?

We are deprecating the current Custom Dashboards. We are committed to offer a more flexible dashboard creation experience in the future that includes more metrics, chart types, and business processes.

Will I still have access to my Analytics Pro dashboards?

All Analytics Pro dashboards are recreated using Google Looker and are available from Day 1.

How is the Platform Home dashboard changing? Will I still be able to see reports on my home dashboard?

The Platform Home Dashboard will transition back to its static version, but you can find the same information in Analytics/Analytics Overview. We are working on a new Platform Homepage that will give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing what data is important to you. Stay tuned!

What will happen to dashboards with multiple tabs?

Today, there are dashboards with multiple tabs when you open them, e.g. Revenue Overview has 4 tabs. In the future those tabs will be separated into new reports accessible from the left dashboard list menu.

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