Resources in OfficeRnD Flex


A resource is an entity that you can use to track bookings, availability of desks, and private offices. Usually, a resource is attached to a shape (such as a desk) or zone (such as an office) on the floor plan. 

Default Resource Types

OfficeRnD Flex exposes a few default resource types:

Resource Name
Resource Type
Description Can Be Booked? Can Be Assigned?
Dedicated Desk desk A resource that represents fixed/dedicated desks that you can assign to members and teams. No Yes
Hotdesk hotdesk A resource that represents hot/flex desks that cannot be assigned to a member and that is used to track flexible, day-to-day memberships. Yes No
Private Office Desk desk_tr A resource that represents office desks. The number of office desks added to each office determines the occupancy rate of a private office and you need to add office desks to every private office on your floor plan. No Yes
Private Office team_room A resource that represents the offices on the floorplan. It can be assigned to companies and members who purchase private office plans. No Yes
Meeting Room meeting_room A resource that represents the meeting rooms on the floor plan. This resource is bookable on an hourly, half-day, or full-day basis. Yes No

Note: Resource Types have the same titles as Unique IDs.

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