How to Assign Resources - Desks & Private Offices

The OfficeRnD Space management module allows you to manage your space availability and occupancy.

There are 3 types of permanent/assignable resources (those are the default ones, but you can create custom resources - learn how to do that here):

  • Dedicated Desks - a.k.a Fixed - permanent desks;
  • Private Office - permanent by nature;
  • Private Office Desk - a desk in an office that can be assigned independently.

You can assign a desk in few different ways:

Member profile

In order to assign a desk, you can open the company’s profile and click Assign next to the Membership in the Location column. Then you need to find the Resource that you want to assign the membership to.

Floor plan

The easier option is to assign the resource from the interactive floor plan. Once you open it, you can click on the resource and select the ‘Assign’ button.

  • Membership assignment - first you need to find the member and then select the membership you want to assign. You can assign the membership with or without (Company-wide membership) a member specified.
    Important: The type of the resource should match the type of the billing plan used to create the membership (e.g. you cannot have a membership for a dedicated desk, and assign it to an office).
  • Member assignment - in rare cases, you may want to assign a member without membership. For example, if you assign the office to a single membership of the company, then you can assign each office desk to a specific member of the same company. 
    Important: Please make sure that the office desk has the private office specified as "parent" when you create/configure the resource (learn how to create a resource).

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  • Say I have an office that holds 3 people.  How do I assign multiple people to an office?  Or can I only assign who is paying for the office to the office?  Help.


  • Hi there,

    I hope this message finds you well! 

    The easiest way to achieve this is to add Office Desks to the Private Office in question.
    As stated above, this is a resource type that can be assigned independently.
    You can add the needed number of desks to the office, then assign them to the respective members, while the office can be assigned to the company they are members of. 
    To do so you need just to navigate to the interactive floor plan. Once you open it, you have to locate the private office, add the desks, then click on each and select the ‘Assign’ button.

    I hope this helps!


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