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The Public Booking Checkout page is a publicly available page where non-members can book more than just meeting rooms. It provides them with a list of all publicly available bookable resources where they can specify:

  • The period in which they want to book the resource.
  • The number of people who would use it. 

Public Booking Checkout Process

From a non-member's perspective, the process will look like this:

1. Open the public booking checkout page and click Book on the chosen resource (Desk, Meeting Room, etc.)

public checkout 1.png

2. Specify the booking settings and review the booking summary.

public checkout.png

3. Proceed with the on-screen instructions through the Create Account, Payment Details, and Summary stages.

Enable The Public Booking Checkout Page

The Public Booking Checkout page can be enabled from Settings/Member Apps/Public Pages in the Admin Portal.

booking checkout enable.png

Enable Public Bookings For Resources

To be available on the public checkout page, a resource needs to have bookings enabled and its privacy settings set to Full Access/Public.

1. Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Resource Types and click on the resource type in the Resource Types grid.

rsrs types.png

2. In the Edit Resource Type window, ensure the Can Book option is enabled to make it available for booking.

3. Select the Book Time option from the drop-down menu which will be presented to non-members when booking.

4. When you're finished, click Update.
edit rsrs.png

Next, we need to change the resource's privacy settings.

1. Navigate to Space and click on a resource from the list of resources. 

2. In the Edit window, open the Calendar tab and:

- Select a Resource Rate from the drop-down menu to control the booking charges for the resource.

- Set the Privacy setting to Full Access / Public.

3. When you're finished, click Update.

edit bkbl.png


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