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The Public Booking Checkout page is a publicly available page where non-members can book more than just meeting rooms. It provides them with a list of all publicly available bookable resources and they can specify the period in which they want to book the resource and the number of people who would use it. 


The Public Booking Checkout page can be enabled from the Settings/Member Apps /Public Pages tab

In order to make a resource available on the public checkout page:

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on the resource type in the Resource Types table. 
    • Check its Can Book option to make it available for booking.
    • Select the Book Time option to be presented to non-members when booking.
  2. Navigate to Space and find or create a resource in the corresponding list of resources. 
    • Set its Privacy to Full Access / Public.
    • Assign a Resource Rate to control the booking charges for the resource.


NOTE: The Public Booking Page and the Public Booking Checkout Page have been merged with the new version of the Members Portal.



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