Public Booking Checkout Page


The Public Booking Checkout page is a publicly available page where non-members can book more than just meeting rooms. It provides them with a list of all publicly available bookable resources where they can specify:

  • The period in which they want to book the resource.
  • The number of people who would use it. 


The Public Booking Checkout page can be enabled from the Settings/Member Apps/Public Pages tab.

In order to make a resource available on the public checkout page:

  1. Navigate to Settings and click on the resource type in the Resource Types table. 


    • In the Edit Resource Type window, check the Can Book option to make it available for booking.
    • Select the Book Time option to be presented to non-members when booking.

  1. Navigate to Space and click on (or create) a resource in the list of resources. 
    • In the Edit window, open the Calendar tab and set the Privacy setting to Full Access / Public.
    • Assign a Resource Rate to control the booking charges for the resource.


Note: The Public Booking Page and the Public Booking Checkout Page have been merged with the new version of the Members Portal.

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