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Managing bookings is a crucial part of running a co-working space. Occasionally, a member will book a resource but will end up canceling it. OfficeRnD allows you to set up rules for these occasions and apply different rules to different Resource Rates.

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Create a Cancellation Policy

  1. Navigate to Settings/Platform.
  2. Scroll down to the Booking Cancellation Policies section and click Add Policy.
  3. Fill out the following details and settings:
    • Name - set a unique name for the policy.
    • Active Member Conditions & Non-Active Member Conditions - a policy can apply different conditions and fees for active members and for non-active members. By default, a policy will use the same set of conditions for both types of members.
      If you would like to set up different types of conditions, de-select the Same as Active Member Conditions checkbox under the Non-Active Member Conditions section to define different condition steps.

    • A policy can have multiple condition steps. Each step has two fields:
      • Hours - set the number of hours in advance in which a member must cancel their meeting. For intermediate steps, the Hours value you apply must be aligned with the hours from the previous steps. 
      • Cancellation Fee - set the percentage of a booking fee that a member must pay if they cancel their booking when adhering to the condition in this step.
        Bookings that are subject to cancellation fees cannot be edited or rescheduled.

    • Add & Remove Steps - to add a step, click the Add Step button. To remove a step, click the Delete button.

  4. Click Add.

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