How to Invite a Member to the Portal


OfficeRnD features a Members Portal where you can engage with your members and invite them to book meeting rooms and pay their invoices. A member can join the portal if they:

  • Sign up to the portal themselves.
  • Receive an invitation sent from a space or office administrator.

If you have created the profile of the member directly from the admin site, the member will not be automatically invited to the portal.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to invite your members to the members' portal.

Bulk Invites

You can invite a single member or multiple members in a bulk operation. When invited, the members receive the default Welcome email. You can customize its content under Settings/Templates/Emails.

Important: The invitation email contains a token that logs the member into the portal and prompts them to create a password. The token is only valid for 72 hours. If the member didn't manage to open the email and click on the Sign in button within those 72 hours, you can simply re-send them the Welcome email and they'll get a new token. This will disable and re-enable their access - see the instructions below.

Invite a member

  • Navigate to the member's profile in the admin portal of OfficeRnD.
  • Ensure the member has an email defined in their profile.
  • Click the Enable button at the right-hand side pane next to the Access field.


Invite multiple members in a bulk operation

  • Navigate to Community/Users.
  • Select all members you want to invite to the Members Portal. 
  • Make sure that the selected members all have emails defined in their profiles in OfficeRnD. Otherwise, the system won't be able to send them invites.
  • Click the Invite button on the top of the page.
Note: Members who have the Member tag displayed under the Status column already have a user account created for them in the Members Portal.
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