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A Coworking Space often needs to set specific booking rules for its bookable resources. OfficeRnD allows you to create rule pre-sets in the form of Booking Policies that can be applied to a bookable resource.

How to create a Booking Policy

  1. Go to Settings/Platform and stay on the default tab, named Calendar & Bookings.
  2. Find the Booking Policies section of the page and hit Add Policy.
  3. Fill out the following details:
    • Name - The name of the booking policy. This is the only mandatory field.
    • Max Duration - Maximum time allowance for booking a room.
    • Min Duration - Minimum time allowance for booking a room.
    • Allow Recurring Bookings - Enable to allow members to create recurring bookings. 
    • Limit Recurring Bookings Span - Limits the recurring bookings' time span of member/ public bookings. You can set it up to a maximum of 24 months from the day of the booking's creation.
    • Limit Future Bookings - Limits the maximum allowed months (starting today) that the booking can be booked for. The maximum amount for this setting is 24 months.
    • Limit Time Before Start of Booking -  Add a notice period for bookings. Members would not be able to book a room immediately - they would need to book for X amount of time after the current moment.
    • Request Approval - If enabled, bookings for the rooms using that policy will be created as Tentative bookings until an Admin approves them.
    • Require Checkin - This option enables an automatic cancellation process. If members do not check for the booking within a set amount of time, the booking will be canceled. More details can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 60 minutes.

    • Send booking reminders - This option enables the sending of reminders to the member before the booking starts. Additional information can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 360 minutes (6 hours).

    • Disable Back to Back Bookings - The Disable back to back bookings feature is explained in more detail in another article. Click here if you are interested.
      Note: The limit for the back-to-back buffer time is 30 minutes. 

      Active/Non-Active Member Rules - Choose whether you'd like to have the same set of rules for active and non-active members, or not.

How to connect a Booking Policy to a Resource Rate and a Bookable Resource

  1. Go to Billing/Resource Rates.
  2. Add a new Resource Rate or edit an existing one.
  3. In the Add/Edit Resource Rate window, open the Advanced tab and select a booking policy from the Booking Policy drop-down field.
  4. Once the Resource Rate is applied to a bookable resource, the bookings will follow the policy's rules.

  • By default, every resource rate uses the default booking policy.
  • Booking Policy rules are not applied to bookings created on the admin end of OfficeRnD.

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