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A Coworking Space often needs to set specific booking rules for its bookable resources. OfficeRnD allows you to create rule pre-sets in the form of Booking Policies that can be applied to a bookable resource.

How to Create a Booking Policy

  1. Go to Settings/Platform Modules/Calendar & Bookings.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Booking Policies section and click on Add Policy.
  3. Fill out the following details (mandatory details are marked with an asterisk *):
    • Name * - The name of the booking policy.
    • Max Duration * - Maximum time allowance for booking a room.
    • Min Duration * - Minimum time allowance for booking a room.
    • Allow Recurring Bookings - Enable to allow members to create recurring bookings.
    • Disallow Booking for Members Without Coins or Credits - Members will be allowed to book only with available credits and/or coins. Click here to learn more.
    • Limit Recurring Bookings Span - Limits the recurring bookings' time span of member/ public bookings. You can set it up to a maximum of 24 months from the day of the booking's creation.
    • Limit Future Bookings - Limits the maximum allowed months (starting today) that the booking can be booked for. The maximum amount for this setting is 24 months.
    • Limit Time Before Start of Booking -  Add a notice period for bookings. Members would not be able to book a room immediately - they would need to book for X amount of time after the current moment.
    • Request Approval - If enabled, bookings for the rooms using that policy will be created as Tentative bookings until an Admin approves them.
    • Require Check-in - This option enables an automatic cancellation process. If members do not check for the booking within a set amount of time, the booking will be canceled. More details can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 60 minutes.

    • Send booking reminders - This option enables the sending of reminders to the member before the booking starts. Additional information can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 360 minutes (6 hours).
    • Disable Back-to-Back Bookings - The Disable back-to-back bookings feature is explained in more detail in another article. Click here if you are interested.
      Note: The limit for the back-to-back buffer time is 30 minutes.

    • Active/Non-Active Member Rules - Choose whether you'd like to have the same set of rules for active and non-active members, or not.

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How to connect a Booking Policy to a Resource Rate and a Bookable Resource

  1. Go to Billing & Products/Products/Resource Rates.
  2. Add a new Resource Rate (or edit an existing one).
    add rate.png
  3. In the Add/Edit Resource Rate window, open the Advanced tab and select a booking policy from the Booking Policy drop-down field.
  4. Once the Resource Rate is applied to a bookable resource, the bookings will follow the policy's rules.

  • By default, every resource rate uses the default booking policy.
  • Booking Policy rules are not applied to bookings created on the admin end of OfficeRnD.

Further reading

Learn how to create a booking cancellation policy.

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  • The way the out of hours setup is done is not helpful at all. We meant to provide flexible access to workspaces and the way the booking portal is set up is not flexible at all: there are only two choices really: either allowing or not allowing the bookings. Can you not extend the "request permission' rule to bookable resources but only to non-business hours options? Bookings during regular office hours are allowed to complete by anyone but outside of business hours they would display 'pending approval' or "tentative" until approved by the Centre Team. We are losing money by not allowing these bookings. Also, the minimum booking time and varied charge rates would help to increase revenue - it would help if we could create multiple business rules for example - for bookings outside of business hours the minimum booking slot could be 2 hours with options to add more in 30-minute blocks or if the booking is less than 1 hour, the price is x 1.5 - for example, if the regular rate for 1 hour is $50 and we accept bookings in 30 min blocks - it is possible to place a 30-minute booking at the price of $25. It would be better if we could set up a different rate for such short bookings and charge for example $37.50 (x 1.5 of the regular rate) for bookings that are 30 minutes. Or allow 30 min increments after the first full hour - in other words, the min booking time would be 1 hour with 30 min slots available after that - currently such a setup is not possible

  • Or at least add a tab "Request outside of hours booking" where clients have the option to request out of hours access directly from the booking page


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