Day Passes Errors and Troubleshooting


If a member notifies you they cannot check-in through the members portal or the mobile app, they either don't have allocated day passes or an active membership. This article will explain how to resolve the situation.

'No valid day passes for this member' error

There are two reasons why a member would get the error:

  • They don't have an active membership.
  • They don't have any day passes.

A member can check-in only if they have day passes. They can be added as part of a one-off purchase or as part of a membership.

Active members do not need to use day passes to check-in, unless all of their active memberships' plans have the Use day passes option enabled.

How to enable a member to check-in

  1. Navigate to the member profile in OfficeRnD.
  2. Review the Day Passes section to verify they have valid day passes. If they don't, proceed with the next step.
  3. Review the One-Off Fees and Memberships sections to find if they have purchased any day passes as a one-off fee. If the member has an active membership, navigate to Billing & Products/Plans, and review if it offers any day passes. 
  4. If the member memberships and one-off services don't provide day passes, help them purchase the proper service they need.

If you add day passes to a company, you must open each member's profile and tick off the Use Day Passes option.

use dp.png

If the above steps don't help, email

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