How to Resolve Login Issues

Sometimes you might encounter an issue when trying to log in the members' portal.
This can happen due to various reasons and in this article, we'll try and cover the more common ones and what to do if you encounter them.

Logging into the Admin Portal of OfficeRnD

Often times when trying to log in the members' portal of your organization you might try using

If you try to log in the admins' portal with your members' portal credentials you'll see the following error:

This link can only be used if you're a teammate of the organization and cannot be used to access the members portal.

In order to log in the members portal, you need to use the specific URL of the members portal.
Usually, that address is <org-slug>, where the <org-slug> should be replaced with the slug of your organization.

On the admin end, the slug of the organization can be found in Settings/My Account/General.

It's possible however that your organization uses a custom domain for the members portal.
In that case, you can check the "Welcome" email you received when you were invited to the members portal and see what the correct address is.

Alternatively, you can contact an admin of the space and ask them for the URL of the members portal.

Your browser cache has stored data that is causing login problems

Sometimes it's possible to see the error mentioned previously in the article when the cache of your browser has stored data, that is interfering with the normal login process.

This issue could occur if you've used and stored several different login credentials in the same browser.

In order to resolve the situation, you can try opening the members portal in an incognito window or try clearing your browser cache.
Here are tutorials on how to clear your browser cache for some of the more popular browsers:

You've Received a Welcome/Reset Password Email and the Link isn't Working

If you encounter this issue you can try opening the link in an incognito window as that will prevent any sort of browser cache and cookies from interfering with the normal function of the link inside your email.

Alternatively, you can also try clearing your cache by following the steps from the previous paragraph. 

Note: The tokens which are provided with the Welcome and Reset Password emails are valid only for 72 hours. After that period of time passes you will no longer be able to use them and will require a new email with a new token.
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