How to Add a Location


In OfficeRnD Flex, the Members, Resources and Services in your organization must be assigned to Locations. Then, Members can be assigned their Membership plans and use the Resources, Stores, and Services available in their Location.

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Add Location

To add a Location, navigate to Space/Locations (1) and click Add Location (2):


The Add Location window will appear, with the following options across five tabs:

General tab


  • Image - You can represent your Location with an image by using the Upload button.
  • Name - Enter the name of your Location here.
  • Unique Code - Enter a code as a unique identifier for the Location. You can use it to find the Location more easily and to generate Location-specific invoice numbers.
  • Description - (optional) Enter a short description for your Location.
  • Business Hours - Specify the Location's business hours. You can learn more about Flex's business hours functionality from this help article.
  • Timezone - Specify the Timezone of the Location. By default, the organization's Timezone will be used.
As Timezone-related problems may cause issues with Bookings, it's highly recommended that you set the appropriate Timezone.
  • The Is Open checkbox determines whether the Location will be Draft or Open. If the Location is designated as Draft, data from it will not be used to calculate reports. Open means the Location is fully operational.
  • The Portal checkbox determines whether the location will be visible in the Signup and Public Calendar pages of the Members Portal.

Address tab


The Address tab lets you specify two types of addresses for your Location:

  • Physical address - This address will be shown in the Members portal. Start typing the physical location's name or address and make a choice from the list.
  • Configure Address for Template Usage - If you'd like to use a Location's address in your Templates, check this option and fill in the information in the fields:

Emails tab


The Emails tab pertains to the setup of automatic emails sent from the Location. You can learn more about each of the available options from this article.

Billing & Revenue tab

The Billing Revenue tab allows you to set a tax policy and revenue target for your location. Learn more about tax policies and revenue targets.


Tickets tab

This tab lets you configure the OfficeRnD Flex Ticketing system for the specific Location. The configuration determines how Members will be able to submit and resolve Tickets.


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