How to Add a Location

A location is a place where all your resources and services are going to be assigned.
It's very important that you provide your members with a detailed description so that they can be completely aware of all the facilities at their disposal.

Adding a Location

You can add a location by following these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Space/Locations
  • Click Add location
  • A window will appear, allowing you to input the details of your new location. It has five tabs, listed below.

The General tab you can find four fields:

  • Name - You can enter the name of your location here.
  • Unique Code - This is a code you can set up to easily identify each location. You can use this code to generate different invoice numbers depending on your location.
    Read more about your invoice numbering template and how you can incorporate the location code here.
  • Description - A short description of your location.
  • Business Hours - you can specify different business hours per location. Learn more about business hours and what you can do with them here.
  • Timezone - You can specify the Timezone of a location, allowing you to have a different time zone set up for each of your locations.
    Incorrect time zones can cause issues with bookings, so it's highly recommended, that you set the time zone for your location.
    By default, the organization's time zone will be used for all locations.
  • Image - you can add an image to represent your space by using the Upload button.
  • The option is Open determines whether the place you're currently describing is created as Open or as a Draft.
    If a location is designated as a Draft that means it's still not finished. Data associated with a Draft location would not be used for calculating reports.

The Address tab allows you to set the geographical data of your Location.

The Emails tab pertains to the setup of emails:

  • The Notifications email address is the address that'll receive all the notifications about everything that's relevant to the space, e.g. changes regarding members, bookings etc.
    This email overrides the default one for the organization.
    Notifications regarding this location will only be sent out to this email if one has been set.
  • The Reply email determines the address to which can be replied
  • The From email determines the address of the sender. Read more about setting up a custom "From" email in this help article.

The Portal tab has an option that determines whether the location is Public, i.e if it's visible to members and admins on the signup page or on the checkout page. 

NOTE: Please note that if you uncheck the "Features" checkbox for public portal visibility, the location would be shown inside the members portal once a member login meaning in the "About Us" section or in the "shop" section, the location would be visible as it's purely enabled for signup page/checkout page. 

The Target tab allows you to set a revenue target for your location. Read more about setting revenue targets in this help article.

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