How to Book in Advance or Accounting Future Bookings


If you are making a booking for the next 2 months, the procedure is pretty straightforward. At the moment you book, the booking is Accounted for. That means a fee is created or credits/coins are taken and the booking is created.

Bookings Appearing As Tentative

For companies that have credits, all future bookings for future months that still don't have credits generated will appear as Tentative. As soon as that month's credits are generated, the booking will be accounted. Or if they don't have credits at that point, there will be a booking fee.

The reason why the bookings appear as Tentative is because they are booked for future timeslot (more than 2 months ahead) and there are monthly credits assigned to the company.

This means that if a company has recurring monthly credits assigned and a booking is made for a future timeslot, until the credits for the new month are generated, the booking will appear as tentative.

However, on every booking, you can see the date on which it will be accounted:


Future Bookings

When you book for more than 2 months in advance, it gets a little more complicated. We can separate the cases based on a few factors.

  1. If the company/member does not have any recurring credits/coins at the time of booking:

    1.1. A single booking, in this case, is accounted right away, no matter how far in advance. This means that a fee is created and will be charged based on your organization settings. If credits/coins are added for the month of the booking, a manual update will be required to use them.

    1.2. Recurring bookings that go beyond 2 months in advance will be created but will be marked as tentative. Unlike regular tentative bookings, those take a slot on the calendar. They will automatically be transformed to confirmed bookings when they get into the month of the booking  and will create their fees. The reasoning for this behavior is that you can create recurring bookings that go into infinity, and being charged an infinite amount of money would be problematic

  2. If the company/member does have recurring credits/coins:

    In this case, single and recurring bookings are handled the same way. If you create a booking, or there are recurring bookings more than 2 months in advance, they will show up as Not Accounted. That's because we generate credits/coins 2 months in advance, and we need to wait for them to be generated if our bookings are to use them.

    When checking on a booking that has a Not Accounted status, it would state when it will be accounted (see below image). If no credits/coins are available when the time comes, a fee will be created based on the rate of the booking.


Note: Once accounted, a booking won't update itself automatically if credits become available or are removed. Such changes can only be applied by an admin, by updating the booking manually.


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