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Even though your community may have to work from home, that does not mean you need to be distanced from each other - we live in a digital age that allows us to be connected even at home!

That's why OfficeRnD gives you the option to set up a Video Rooms page on your Members Portal. The Video Rooms page offers your community a selection of different virtual rooms where you can chat, discuss ideas, and work together.

Before we dive into details, please make sure to read more about Members Portal Pages.


What is a Video Room

In OfficeRnD's Members Portal, you can set up a custom page that offers a chosen number of rooms - each with a unique name, such as "Lounge", "Coffee Break", "Working Out", or even "Cooking Advice". 

Each of the rooms is a virtual chat room that is active at all times. Whenever a member joins one of the rooms, they will be able to talk to anyone in the same room - and even though it's not necessary, it's always great to see a few friendly faces, so don't hesitate to turn your camera on!

Set Up a Video Rooms Page

In order to set up a Video Rooms page, please reach out to and share with us the following information:

  • The number of Video Rooms that you'd like to have. Please note that the page would not be able to contain more than 5 or 6 rooms, depending on the length of their names.
  • The Name for each of the Video Rooms and the order in which they should appear on the portal, from left to right.

Once we have the details, we can create a Custom Page on your Members Portal that gives your members access to the Video Rooms. You can then manage that Custom Page as any other.

Once you are all set up, you will have a Video Rooms page similar to this one:


When you click on any of the rooms at the top-left of the page beside the Lobby, you will join that chat room!

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