Custom Billing Date for Member or Company


With OfficeRnD, you can set a preferred billing date for your customers. This ensures they will be billed according to this date regardless of the billing date of your space.


If on an organizational level, you have configured the Billing Period Start Date to be the 1st of each month, all the invoices will be issued/created on the 1st of each month, no matter what is configured on a company/member level for the billing period. In this case, the billing period set on a company/member level will determine only the billing period and not when the invoices will be issued/created.

When the following configurations are in place:

  • On an organizational level, the Billing Period Start Date is set to be the member start date and  Automatically generate invoices before the billing date is set to 0 days. Both options are found in Settings/Billing Settings/Billing Rules.
  • On a company/member level, a custom billing date is set to, for example, the 13th of each month. 

Only then the invoice for this company/member will be created/issued on the configured billing date set on the company/member level (13th in our example).  

Define a Custom Billing Date for a Client

To set the preferred billing date for a company/member:

  1. Navigate to Community/Members or Community/Companies.
  2. Open the member/company profile that needs to be changed.
  3. Scroll the menu on the left until you reach Billing Details and click Edit.

  4. Choose the billing date from the Billing Period Start Date dropdown menu. For example, if you choose the 2nd day of the month, the client will be billed on the 2nd of each month.
  5. Click Update.

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  • How can I bill a company, but not a member specifically?

  • Hello Emily,

    In almost every case the invoice go to the company and not the member. In order to bill the member you need to explicitly select the "bill to member" option.
    To create an invoice for a company you just go to the company's profile,  navigate to the Invoices section and click  "Add Invoice". A good start would be our article on creating invoices


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