Events RSVP

In OfficeRnD you have the option to enable RSVP for events. It allows you to track who is attending the events and to track the taken slots if there is a limit to the event slots.

How to enable RSVP?

  1. Navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.
  2. Check the "Events RSVP" checkbox.


  3. Click "Update" to save the change.

How to RSVP for events 

  • RSVP in the members portal - If the "Events RSVP" function is enabled, members will be able to respond to events in the Members Portal by going to the "Events" tab.


  • RSVP in the mobile app - apart from being able to RSVP in the members portal you can also use the app to do that.
    To do that click "Show All" and select "Events":


    After that you'll be able to see the available events and you'll also be able to RSVP for them:


How to check reservations

You can check who is going or interested in the admin portal.

  1. Navigate to "Collaboration" -> "Events".
  2. Click on either the checkbox or the star next to an event.
    The checkbox displays who is "Going" and the star displays who is "Interested".mceclip2.png
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