How to Relocate a Resource


Occasionally in OfficeRnD, it happens that a member needs to be relocated.
This can be done either on the floor plan, or directly through a member/company’s profile.

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Relocate a Desk in the Floor Plan

Note: Currently, the Relocate button on the Floor Plan only allows you to relocate to a Desk.
The contextual menu from a membership's cogwheel has more options.

  1. Navigate to Space/Location and open the Floor Plan that you would like to relocate a resource in.
  2. Click on the resource that you would like to relocate. On the right side of the page there is a “Relocate” button:
  3. Choose the resource that you would like to relocate the member.
  4. You will be able to see a dialogue box, showing you where are you relocating the member “From” and “To”.
    If you are not able to relocate the member after proceeding to click on the “Done” button, an error message will be displayed telling you where exactly the discrepancy is coming from.

Relocate a Resource in a Company/Member’s Profile

  1. Open the company's/member's profile.
  2. Click on the cogwheel next to the membership's name.
  3. Click “Relocate”.
  4. Complete the fields in the dialog.
  5. Hit “Done”. 




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