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A co-working space aims to provide as many benefits as possible. Once they've joined, members have the opportunity to explore them in the Benefits section of the Members portal.


You can learn more about setting up benefits here

Location & Category Filters


You can filter benefits by their specific location. Simply click on the drop-down menu and select it. If you want to see benefits from all locations, you can click on Reset Filter or choose All Locations from the drop-down menu.

You can also click on the Filter button (next to the drop-down menu) to filter benefits by categories (as long as the administrator has defined any). When two benefits are in the same category, they will appear under the same tab. Usually, admins attach a logo to the benefit, as well as a cover/background page for better visibility. 

Further Information for Benefits

You can simply click on the benefit that you would like to learn more about. Here's a real-life example:


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