Members Portal - Dashboard

The Dashboard is the homepage of your Members Portal.
It lets you interact with your coworking space and everything, that it has to offer.

Here you have an overview of all of the Events, that are organized by the space - you can also RSVP for them.

There's also Posts from your space as well as a short summary of your recent Bookings, Invoices, and Tickets submitted. You can also create Posts if your Space's settings allow this. You can browse through the other locations' posts and see their content as well, using the drop-down menu just below the Welcome text.
These posts can be seen by other members of the space and can often contain useful information about the space - announcements, general information, upcoming events, etc.

Table of Contents

Please bear in mind, that your Dashboard could be a bit different in terms of styling depending on your Space's set-up.


My Bookings

Here you have a list of your recent bookings, you can view all upcoming or place a brand new one by clicking on New Booking.
This will take you to the Calendar where you can browse the available Meeting rooms.
For additional details, please make sure to check Members Portal – How to Book a Meeting Room.



Here you can see some of your and your Company's invoices (depending on whether you're a billing person of the company).
Clicking on View all invoices will take you to the Billing module.
For more details, please head to Members Portal - Billing.



Open Tickets

See the Tickets you have submitted to the admins of the space.
You can use this section of the members portal to notify them about issues you've encountered, ask questions about the space, or just provide general feedback.


How to Guides

If your Space offers How to Guides on different topics, you can find them under this section.
These usually provide basic instructions on how to interact with the space - booking a resource, printing some documents, etc, information on such topics can be found here, if the admins of the space have provided it.





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