Error "User has existing permissions"


Sometimes you try to enable portal access to a member but face the following error message: 'User has existing permissions.' In this article, we'll take a look at the error and how to resolve it.

What Does 'User has existing permissions' mean?

The error indicates that another user with the same e-mail exists and that the user has portal access. The system supports only one user with portal access per e-mail.

How to resolve the error

The issue can be resolved in one of two ways. The first way is to simply use a different e-mail for the second user. The second is to disable the members portal permissions of the original user and enable them for the new one.

To do so, navigate to Community/Members and open the All tab. There, search for the user's e-mail address by inputting it in the search bar.


The member with a tag User under Status is the one with enabled portal access. Click on the member and click Disable next to MEMBER PORTAL ACCESS.


Once you have disabled the access, open the profile of the member that you wish to grant access to and re-enable MEMBER PORTAL ACCESS. This will prompt the system to send an invitation e-mail to the member.

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