How to Troubleshoot 'Recipient Could Not Be Found' Message?


If you received the 'Recipient could not be found' message when trying to send out an invoice, it means there's something wrong with the sending settings or the recipient's email address. Let's examine the most common reasons for this issue.

Trying to Send an Invoice Without the 'We'll email invoices' Options Enabled

The first thing to do after receiving the error message is to check your billing settings. If you haven't checked any of the We'll email invoices options under Settings/Billing Settings/Billing Rules, the system will consider that there is no recipient for the e-mail containing the invoice.


The recipient does not have an email address

If the option is enabled but you are still getting the error message, it means the recipient (company, billing person, or both) does not have an email address. You have to open their profile and add an e-mail address to successfully send the invoice.

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