How To Create Separate Invoices For Future Periods


Sometimes you need to issue invoices for future periods in advance. If you'd like to create a single invoice containing several future periods, you can read more about that here.

Most of the time, however, you'd want to issue separate invoices for each month in advance. This lets you specify different issue dates and have the revenue from these invoices counted towards the monthly Invoiced Revenue.

How It Works

Create Invoices For Up To 6 Months In Advance

  1. Open the company/member profile from the Community module.
  2. Open the Invoices tab and click on Add Invoice.

  3. Choose an Issue Date that is specific for the month.
  4. Use the Period Start field to change the period you'd like to issue an invoice for. You can use this option to create separate invoices for up to 6 months in the future.
  5. Click Add.


Create Invoices For More Than 6 Months In Advance

Follow the steps below if you want to create invoices for more than 6 months in advance:

  1. Open the company/member profile and click on the Membership.
  2. Set the End Date to be the End Date of the 6-month period that's already been invoiced. In this example, we already have invoices up until June 30.

  3. Create a new membership of the same type, starting from the next available date - July 1 and ending at the end of the month - July 31.

  4. Click on Add Invoice
  5. Choose an Issue Date that is specific for the month
  6. Select Pay For 36 Months


Voila, an invoice for the July period is created! You have to follow these steps in order to issue invoices for the next months as well - August, September, etc. Furthermore, you can change the Issue Date and the Due Date of the invoice so that the company/member is charged in the future, but the invoice is already raised.

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