Create Private Offices And Desks & Set Their Revenue Targets

There are three main resources available in OfficeRnD - meeting rooms, private offices, and desks. This video guide will explain how to add resources and manage their revenue targets.

OfficeRnD is under intense development and gets updated constantly. Therefore, you may spot some differences in the UI between the videos and the platform. Generally, the instructions remain the same. Please refer to our help articles for the most up-to-date information.

Action Items

1. If you'd like to use our floor plans, please make sure you've submitted them to your onboarding specialist or the support team so we can upload them for you. You can then open a floor under Space/Locations and start adding your offices and desks.

2. If you'd like to go ahead and add your resources without a floor plan, keep in mind that you'll have to manually map the resources to a floor plan afterwards.

Important Information

Not all options in the Add a resource window are applicable to all resource types. For example, an office is usually an assignable resource, so it shouldn't have a resource rate that will allow members to book it per hour/day. Therefore, the Calendar tab settings won't be needed for it.

On the other hand, if you're creating a bookable resource (e.g. hotdesk), you'll need to define the resource rate (price model), privacy settings, and the availability start date.


We highly recommend using revenue targets for assignable resources (e.g. offices and dedicated desks) to help you manage two highly important aspects at once:

  • Number of Billing Plans. In those cases where your billing plans for assignable resources will offer the same services (e.g. booking credits), and the price of the resource is the only differentiator, you can narrow the number of billing plans in the system. This makes things easier as customers won't have to choose between so many plans to create memberships.

    Apart from that, when you have set revenue targets (the price at which you'd like to sell) for each resource, you'll be able to assign them to memberships and automatically apply the resource rates. This will help you see what the revenue target of the resource is and whether it should be changed (or not) for specific customers.

    Tip: 90% of OfficeRnD customers prefer to manage the sales process from the back-end without exposing it on the sign-up page or the Members portal. This allows for more flexibility while negotiating resources and prices.

  • Occupancy/Revenue Reports. You also have the chance to see in the reports whether any of your office spaces or desks are being sold at a lower or at a higher price than normal. The report will show you the difference between the listing price (target) and the license price (the price for the customer).


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