How to Check-in for My Booking


If your company requires you to check-in for your bookings, there are several options to do that depending on the implemented settings. There is a certain check-in window where you have to check yourself in. Otherwise, your booking will be canceled. Please reach out to your organization to learn about its booking policy.

Check-in Methods




Email Check-in


OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app (learn more)


Check-in Message in Microsoft Teams


Check-in from the Members Portal


Slack chatbot

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Onsite Booking Check-ins

QR Codes

Onsite booking check-ins can be done via a QR Code that you can find placed at the desk or meeting room. The QR code availability depends on the admin team's set-up of the platform. Once scanned with the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work mobile app or any QR code scanner application, you will be successfully checked in (if your check-in window is open).


The QR code also allows you to:

  • Book this resource - If the resource is free, you'll be able to book it (only applicable for resources bookable by the day, not by the hour).
  • Switch desk - You can switch your desk to this one if you already booked another.
  • Cancel your booking for this resource - You can cancel your booking if it's ongoing at the moment.
  • View any ongoing booking for this resource - If the resource is not available, you will see information about who is currently occupying it.
  • If you are an attendee for a meeting, you can scan the QR code to check in for the booking in case the organizer is not in the office.

OfficeRnD Hybrid Reception app (learn more)


OfficeRnD Hybrid Rooms app (only applicable to Meeting rooms)


Automatic Wi-Fi Check-in

If your Admin team has enabled automatic Wi-Fi check-in, you are able to use that for onsite check-ins. Click here to learn more.


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