Add Booking Credits to a Billing Plan


Booking credits enable members to book a limited number of hours in your meeting rooms. 1 booking credit equals 1 hour of booking. Hourly credits can only be used for Meeting Rooms. They cannot be used for other bookable resources. Click here to learn more.

Note: A member cannot purchase a service from the member portal using the coins available in their account/granted to their company. Only an admin can update a fee to use coins to pay for it.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the Flex Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to Billing & Products/Plans and select a plan to be edited.

billing and plans.png

3. Open the Credits tab and click on the + button to add credits.


4. Enter the Number of Credits. If the value is empty, an unlimited number of booking credits would be allocated to every customer purchasing the plan.

5. Choose hours or coins. Click here to learn more.

6. Select the resource type, resource rate, or one-off plan to add the credits to. You can also choose to add them for all entities.

7. Click on Update to save changes.

edit plan passes.png

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