Set Meeting Room Booking Features


Managing meeting room bookings is a crucial part of running a coworking space. The module is fully customizable so it can perfectly fit your needs. Click here to learn more.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the Flex Admin Portal.

2. Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules.

3. Change the Date/Time Culture setting.

4. Change the Business Days.

5. Change the Business Hours. Learn more about setting up business hours.

6. Select the Time Zone for your organization.

7. Select a Booking Charge Slot. If you would like to charge for a full hour's duration for any booking that takes less than an hour, you can do that using this setting.

8. Change Booking Privacy settings to limit access to a booking's details.

9. Change Group by Meeting Rooms - Group your calendar's Day view by Meeting Rooms.

10. Change Restrict Outside Business Hours bookings - Forbid or allow members to book meeting rooms outside of working hours.


11. Scroll down and click on Update to save the changes.

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