Limit Employee Access by Location

In some cases you might need to restrict your employees' bookings to only one location or a floor from that location, making all the other offices and floors inaccessible to them. This is where the Location Access comes in handy.

Such restrictions can be configured from Office Space/Location Access policies. You can apply only one access policy to a Team(s) or Employee(s). There is a default policy applied to every employee, allowing access to all open locations and floors.

Create Location Access Policies

To start with creating policies, navigate to Office Space/Location Access.

  1. Click Add Policy.
  2. Give it a Name.
  3. Choose Location(s) and Floor(s) to limit access to them only.
  4. Choose Team(s) and/or Employee(s) that should fall under this policy.
  5. Save Policy.


As a result, the team(s) and/or employee(s) that you have specified will not be able to see other locations and floors and book resources there.

The policies can be edited at any given time. You can easily add/remove other locations and floors as well as add/remove team(s) and employee(s).

If you add a policy to a team and then add another policy to an employee that is part of this team, the employee's policy will take precedence.

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