Business Operations Fundamentals Training: Community Management


This is part of the Business Operations Fundamentals Training package available for purchase on our website.

We will cover the basic CRM functionalities OfficeRnD supports. We will show you how to create, update and delete companies and members. We will show you how to create custom properties to better describe them. We’ll demonstrate how to create memberships for members, understand what their status means and invite them to the members portal.


Duration: 1 hour
Setting: Remote/Online


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We'll walk you through:

1. Adding new customers:

  • Add a company.

  • Add a company member.

  • Add an individual member.

  • Walkthrough of a company/member’s profile page.

2. Membership & One-off services management:

  • Assign a membership to a customer (company vs member).

  • Billing interval: Invoice memberships in 3,6 or 12-month periods.

  • Add a one-off fee to a customer’s profile.

3. Inviting members to the member portal:

4. Offboarding customers:

  • End a membership.

  • Mark members as former and learn what that means for their access to the portal.

5. Custom properties:

  • Add custom properties to a company/member.

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