Day 3: Billing Module

This one-hour training will cover the topics related to billing, invoicing, and other transactional processes in the OfficeRnD platform.

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: Remote/Online

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Day 3: Billing Module (1 hour)

Creating & managing invoices:

  • Raise an invoice (billing section vs customer’s profile).
  • Create an invoice for a period of longer than 1 month.
  • Understand invoice statuses.
  • Manually marking one-off fees as paid or waived.
  • Edit an invoice.

Charging invoices:

  • Charge invoices (manual step vs auto-charge).

Other invoice documents:

  • Credit notes.
  • Record a refund on invoices. 

Manual bill run (bulk invoicing operations):

  • Raise multiple invoices with a manual bill run.

Exporting & reviewing invoice data:

  • Export invoicing data:
    • Export/review invoices that would be generated via a manual/auto-bill run.
    • Export/review already generated invoices.
  • Export preset (for accounting purposes - optional).
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