Admins - Create & Manage Bookings


How To Begin

1) Navigate to Workplace and click on 'Manage Bookings'.

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2) Alternatively, navigate to Meeting Rooms and click on 'Manage Bookings':


This opens the booking calendar where you can create and manage bookings. Most of its filtering functionality is contained in the highlighted area to the left. The rest is taken up by the calendar itself, which can be switched between Day, Week, and Month views.


Book Meeting Rooms, Hotdesks, etc.

1. Choose the type of resource you want to book from the drop-down menu:


2. Set the date and click on an empty time slot below the meeting room/hotdesk/etc. you want to book in the calendar. Alternatively, click on '+Book'.


In the New Booking dialog that opens:

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1. Choose a team and an employee.

2. (optional) Enter the booking title.

3. (optional) Choose a different meeting room.

4. Choose the date, start, and end time of the booking.

5. (optional) Enter the preparation time.

6. (optional) Enable Repeat if you want to create a recurring booking that repeats daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. (optional) Enable Invite attendees and select them guests from the field which appears below.

8. (optional) Enable Private to make the booking visible only to you.

When you're finished, click Book Now.

Create Bookings For Employees

You can book meeting rooms, desks, and other resources for regular (non-admin) employees from the Web Portal:

1. Navigate to Office Map, Meeting rooms, or another resource page in the Web Portal.

2. Click on the resource on the office map (or a time slot for the meeting room):

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3. Click on More Options to open the booking modal:


4. Select the employee from the Book For drop-down menu:

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4. Finish the booking.

Edit, Delete, and Cancel Bookings

Double-click on any booking in the calendar to open the Edit Booking dialog:


  • Use the Delete button to erase the booking.
  • Use the Cancel button to initiate the booking cancellation. The 'Apply booking cancellation policy' checkbox will appear on the left. You can enable or disable it before you confirm the cancellation.
  • Click the Update button when you're done with editing.

Manage Bookings

Use the booking calendar in either Calendar or List view to manage bookings. We suggest using List view if you're dealing with a large number of bookings.


Use the Search field to find bookings. You can also filter the list by:

  • Time period (choose the Start and End date)
  • Status (Canceled, Confirmed, Lapsed, Tentative)
  • Resource Type 
  • Resource (select a resource from the drop-down menu to view the bookings for it)
  • Source (where the booking originates from, i.e. the Members Portal)
  • Team (select a team from the drop-down menu to view the bookings for it)

Export And Analyze Bookings Data


You can export a rich amount of bookings data to analyze and store. Notably, you can look into booking cancellations - when the booking was cancelled, who canceled it, and whether the cancellation was made manually or automatically by the system (i.e. due to missed check-in). This information is crucial for your operations.

1. Open the Manage Bookings page and click on the 'List' button.

2. Use the available filters and search field to find the bookings you need.

3. Select the bookings you want to export and click on the Export button in the upper-right.

export bookings hybrid.png

4. Click on Download CSV and save the spreadsheet file. Please note that exporting over 10.000 bookings can take up to a minute due to the large amount of data.


The following data for each booking is available for analysis in the spreadsheet:

Order Field Description
1 Employee Name of user in OfficeRnD
2 Primary Team User's Primary Team in OfficeRnD
3 Reference Booking reference number
4 Status i.e. Confirmed, Canceled, Pending, Expired
5 Start Booking start date and time (i.e. 30 Nov 2023 10:00)
6 End Booking end date and time (i.e. 30 Nov 2023 17:00)
7 Resource Resource name (i.e. Hotdesk 1-15)
8 Resource Type i.e. Hotdesk, Meeting Room
9 Location Location name where resource is located
10 Floor Floor name where resource is located
11 Neighborhood Neighborhood where resource is located (empty if N/A)
12 Booking Duration Number of hours from booking start to end time
13 Is Recurring i.e. TRUE (empty if not recurring)
14 Recurrence Start Date of first booking occurrence (i.e. 19 Nov 2023)
15 Recurrence End Date of last booking occurrence (i.e. 15 Dec 2023)
16 Employee Primary Location Name of user's primary location in OfficeRnD
17 Created At Date and Time that booking was created
18 Booking Source Channel used to make the booking (i.e. Portal, MS Teams, Mobile)
19 Booking Title This was previously called "Summary".
20 Canceled At Date and Time that booking was cancelled (only applies for Cancelled bookings)
21 Canceled By
  • User who cancelled the booking (only applies for Cancelled bookings)
  • "Automated Schedule" if cancelled automatically by the system
22 Cancelation Reason Shows if booking cancellation was Manual or Automated (due to missed check-in)
23 Custom Field 1 Booking custom property
24 Custom Field 2...  

Hide Past Bookings

You can hide past bookings for you and your colleagues in the Web Portal, Mobile App, and MS Teams. Navigate to Settings/Organization/Privacy tab and enable the Hide past bookings for users feature.

Note: This feature is only available for customers on the Enterprise plan. Click to learn about our plans.

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