How to Make Admin Meeting Rooms Bookings Free


Space administrators often need to book meeting rooms through the members portal and mobile app for free. When booking a room, a charge for the room is calculated based on its resource rate.

If you, as a space administrator, have a membership plan with an applied discount or credits/coins, the booking can be free of charge. In all other cases, the booking will be charged based on the resource rate configured for the meeting room.

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How It Works

In order to ensure all space administrators working through the admin company can book meeting rooms free of charge, you can add an unlimited number of credits. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Community and open the profile page of your admin company.
  2. Find the Credits section and click on Add credits.

  3. By default, the number of credits is set to 1. Click on the ex2.png button to clear the value so it would default to Unlimited.
  4. Select Hours from the drop-down menu.

  5. Leave the billing period to month. This way, the unlimited number of booking credits will be applied monthly.
  6. Leave the Valid For field to list All Resources, Rates as is by default.
  7. Configure the Start and End dates.
  8. When you're finished, click Add.

The above procedure adds an unlimited number of booking credits to the admin company in your organization. Then the space administrators logging through the admin company will be able to book all meeting rooms free of charge.

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