How to Split an Office in Two Separate Offices on the Floorplan

As your space grows the initially sketched floorplan might require some changes. If you have an office that should be made into two offices on the floorplan you can split it by following these instructions:


  • If you want to learn how to create a floorplan you can check out this help article - Add a Floorplan.

Split an Office into Two Separate Offices

  1. Open the floorplan and hit Design.
  2. In the upper toolbar, select the Walls modes.
  3. Holding the Ctrl key down, draw the new wall that separates the offices. 
  4. Back on the upper toolbar, select Zones to enter zones mode.
  5. Click on the current office on the floorplan - its area should be outlined in red.
  6. Click on the endpoints of the red area and move them to designate one of the new offices.
  7. Outline the second office by clicking on its endpoints. When you have designated the area of this office in red, tap the Enter key to save the zone. 
  8. On the right-hand side of the screen enter a Name and type of the zone. In this case, the Type would be a Private Office.
  9. Back on the upper toolbar, click Finish Design.
  10. Select the original office resource and click edit to change its Size, Price and Name to correspond to the changes.
  11. Click on the new office and click Add to create a new office resource by applying a Size, Price and a Name.
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