What are Check-Ins & Check-Outs?


When someone from your community enters the building, they have the option to check-in (or be checked in). This helps security and offers a better understanding of the traffic that your space gets.

If you'd like to learn more about how Check-Ins and Day Passes work together, please take a look at our help article on Using Day Passes.


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Check-Ins and Check-Outs

A member can be checked in the following ways:

A member can be checked out in the following ways:

  • The admin opens the member profile and checks them out.
  • The member opens the Member Portal and checks out manually.
  • A Wi-fi integration automatically checks out a member when they disconnect from a Wi-fi network.
  • A door access control integration automatically checks out a member when they leave the building.
Note: If no manual check-out is recorded, the system will automatically check-out the member at midnight. 


How to Check-In or Check-Out a Member Manually

While the check-in option works best when combined with a Door Access or Wi-Fi integration, an admin can always check-in or out members manually. Here is how to do that:

From the Who's In Section:

  1. Navigate to Community/Who's In.
  2. Find the member in question. You can search the members list by Name or Email, and filter it by Status.
  3. Use the 2020-05-29_1744_001.png button to open the Check in / Check out window.

  4. Fill out the details in the new window and hit Check in / Check out.


From the Profile Page of a Member

  1. Open the profile page of a member from Community/Members.
  2. Find the Presence field on the left and select the Check in or Check out option:

  3. Fill out the details in the new window and hit Check in or Check out and you're done!
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