Members Portal - Member and Company Privacy Settings

Privacy is important, so we've given members several privacy options for their Member Portal profiles.

A member that is a Contact Person for a company can edit the privacy options for the company profile as well.

Navigate to the My Profile Page

  1. Click on your profile icon
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. (Optional) In the page that opens, you can go to Company Profile if you are a contact person for the company.

There are 3 sections. Each section has its own privacy settings on the right. Clicking on either one of them will open a small dialog window where you can edit all 3:

  • Personal/Company Information
  • Contact Details
  • Socials.



The first section here is named Public Profile and it has toggle button. In the On position (coloured), it enables your public profile to be seen at all. Switching it to the Off position (grey) will hide the personal/company profile entirely from the Community tab.

Contact Details and Socials have a drop-down menu selection.

  • The "Everyone in the Community" option will allow items in their respective sections to be seen in the Community tab of the Member Portal.
  • Only Me will prevent the information from that section to be seen by other members of the community. 
Switching Off the Public Profile hides everything, regardless of Contact Details or Socials settings.


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