In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can describe all available office rooms, spaces and desks that your employees can occupy or book as resources

Once you upload and configure your floorplans in the platform, you will be able to click and select desks, offices, and other resources and interact with them to:

  • Set availability;
  • Assign employees and teams;
  • Restrict access;
  • Set capacity limitations, and more.

Default Resources

By default, you will be able to add the following resources on your floorplans:

  • Dedicated Desks - Fixed/dedicated desks that you can assign to members and teams for long-term usage.
  • HotDesks - hot/flex desks that cannot be assigned to a member and instead can be booked. 
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Private Offices
  • Private Office Desks - desks that can be attached to parent offices. When a private office desk is assigned to an employee, the system automatically changes the occupancy levels of the office accordingly. 

Common Resource Properties

Property Description


Specify a user-friendly title that identifies the resource.


Select a resource type from the list. Learn more about the default resource types or head over to this tutorial to create custom resources.


The location property is only available if you have added multiple locations to your account. The value is pre-populated based on the location of the floor. 


The floor is automatically applied.


Office size should be defined in a number of desks and can also be described as sq ft or sq mt. The size is only applicable to office-like resources and is important for occupancy calculation (without a desk size number added, the system won't be able to show you the occupancy percentage for the office). 

Availability Period

Defines the period of exploitation of the resource. 

 Bookable Resource Properties

Property Description
Description  Add a user-friendly description to help users better understand the specifics of the resource.
Image  Browse and locate an image source that you want to display as a preview of the resource on the web portal's calendars.
Color  Apply color to differentiate the resource on the web portal's calendar.


Select the office amenities available in this resource. Learn how to add amenities.

Booking Policy Select the booking policy to govern the booking of the resource. Learn more.

Configure the visibility of the resource to teams and employees. By default, the resource will be available for booking for all teams and employees. If you select the Limited Access option, you will be able to predefine the list of employees or teams that can book the resource:

  • Select teams - Add those teams that can book the resource.
  • Select employees - add the employees who can book the resource.
  • Leave the above fields empty to make the resource available for booking only by the administrators of your account.

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