Business Operations Fundamentals Training: Billing & Invoicing


We will cover the main billing options available in OfficeRnD. We will present the most important invoicing settings that can help you automate your billing process. We will demonstrate how to create and manage invoices, as well as how to bulk invoice multiple customers.


Duration: 1 hour
Setting: Remote/Online

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We'll walk you through:


1. Organization System Settings

  • Review and configure tax rates and tax rate policies.

  • Review and configure revenue accounts and their use case.

  • Review the billing settings and automate billing operations.

2. Invoicing & Charging Process

  • Raise an invoice. (Billing section vs Customer’s profile)

  • Understand invoice statuses.

  • Edit an invoice.

  • Raise multiple invoices with a manual BillRun.

    • Preview Invoices with Bill Run

    • Export Preview

  • Manually charge invoices.

    • Individually

    • Bulk

3. Managing Other Transactions

  • Review outstanding fees and memberships that haven’t been invoiced yet.

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