Business Operations Fundamentals Training: Meeting Rooms & Bookings Management


We will show you how to create meeting rooms and configure their pricing options, booking and cancellation policies. We will cover how to create booking credits – hourly and value-based (a.k.a. booking coins). We will demonstrate how to make a booking and how to review its corresponding fee, as well as how to manage customers' bookings through the admin end.


Duration: 1 hour
Setting: Remote/Online


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We'll walk you through:

1. Main Configurations Of Bookable Resources

  • Understand resource rates and how to add one.

  • Add a meeting room and set its privacy.

  • Review booking and cancellation policies

    • Active.

    • Non-active Members.

  • Review the business hours of the space and understand how they can impact bookings through the members portal.

2. Booking process via the admin vs. via the member portal

  • Add a booking through the admin calendar.

  • Understand the difference between bookings done through the admin vs the member-facing portal.

3. Managing additional services sold with bookings (e.g. catering)

  • Add extras as purchasable options available with a meeting room booking.

4. Managing booking credits

  • Booking credits:

    • Review allocated & used credits per client.

    • Manually add booking credits to customers.

5. Invoicing & updating bookings

  • Invoice bookings.

  • Update and cancel a booking as an admin.

  • Review bookings

    • Bulk (e.g. for export)

    • Per customer

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